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MINT Xmas Greetings
Welcome to our tips and resources page. The year is winding up and I know a lot of you are looking forward to a summer break and to welcoming in a New (and prosperous) Year. We wish you and your families the best and look forward to catching up in 2016.Below are some basic tips for you to help have a secure and happy holiday season.

Office hours: We are available to our client base right through the Christmas period on our main numbers and Email.

MINT Tips Xmas 2015

______________ .HOLIDAY COMPUTER SECURITY TIPS _______________

When leaving the office on the last day, ensure that computers are turned off (unless required for external access over the break), and the air conditioning is not - computers that are always on (like servers) don't like to overheat

Lock the server room cabinet/door.

Don't leave computers or computer equipment close to windows where they can be easily seen from the outside (most laptops fit nicely into lockable filing cabinets).

If you need to leave a computer on in the office, make sure the screen is turned off, this will also help reduce the likelihood of damage to the screen.

If working on your business computer at home over the holidays, remember to back up your work as you go.

If shopping online this holiday season, ensure the computer you are using is virus free and has all Windows Updates installed to help prevent internet fraud.

If leaving the house for a break this year, you may want to consider these:

Use timers on radios and lights.

Cancel milk, newspaper and mail deliveries.

Have a neighbour stop by to collect junk mail, and open and close curtains.

Make sure your neighbours know where they can contact you in an emergency and when you will be home.

Invite neighbours to use your driveway and clothesline to make it look like someone is home.

Lock away garden tools and ladders that could be used by a would-be thief to gain access to your house.

Make arrangements for family pets to be looked after.

If you are away for more than a few days, arrange to have your lawns mown.

Consider inviting a relative or friend to house sit for you.

Whatever you do, don't leave a message on your answer phone or Email that you are away. Instead, clear the messages yourself or arrange to have a friend check them regularly for you.

If you would like to receive MINT Tips by snail mail, or have any enquiries, please email

______________ .MINT TIPS FOR THE INTERNET _______________

In this MINT-tips, see how to make Internet use easier with Internet Explorer.

Use Ctrl+D to quickly add a website to your favourites

You can scroll down a webpage quickly by pushing the space bar

Need to see more? Push F11 to make the Internet Explorer window full-screen, repeat to change back

If you want to go to a .com website, just enter the name of the site in the address bar (without www. and .com) and push Ctrl+Enter, the www. and .com will automatically be entered for you

Quickly move forwards and backwards between web pages by holding down the shift key and scrolling up or down on your mouse

The Zoom function mentioned in the last MINT-tips update works for Internet Explorer also, try holding down Ctrl and scrolling the mouse to make the text larger and smaller on the website

______________ .MINT TIPS FOR EXCEL _______________

To close all open Excel documents at once, hold down the SHIFT key when you click on File, this will change the Close option to Close All.

Copy formulas by Clicking on the Cell with the formula, Ctrl+C (copy), then move to the cell you want the formula to go into and press Enter - now copy a formula, and Highlight a series of cells and push enter, the formula will copy into each cell and keep the relative row/column info.

Click the box above Row 1, and to the left of Column A to select the entire sheet.

Entire sheets can be copied to new sheets by selecting the sheet, clicking on the “Sheet 2” tab, and Ctrl+V (paste). This will retain formulas and formatting, very handy if you want to test some changes in a worksheet.

If you want to change a series of cells to the same format (Numbers, currency, text, etc) as another cell, then highlight the original cell and click the Format Painter button (Paint Brush), then select the cells you want to change - you can select a single cell, or a range of cells, an entire column or even the entire worksheet. If you have lots of individual cells to change, then double click the Format Painter button, now every cell, range etc that you click on will change its format to that of the original cell. When you're finished, you will need to click on Format Painter again to turn off the function.

Use Print Areas to print only part of a worksheet, Highlight the section of the worksheet you want to print (or export to pdf), and click File, Print Area, Set Print Area. Now when you hit print, only that area of the worksheet will print out.

Worksheet just too wide for the printer? Click File, Print Preview - here you can click on the margins button and slide them across to fit more info onto the page.

Also, if you click Page Setup from the Preview page, you will see an option to Fit to X pages Wide and X Pages long (you can select 1 page wide and 100 pages long if you don't know how many pages long the sheet is, it will only print the pages with data on them).

______________ .MINT TIPS FOR SECURITY _______________

Computer security is not just about preventing others from accessing your PC, it is about consistency and network stability. A secure system is less vulnerable to Viruses and unauthorised access.

Lock your computer when away from your desk - the Windows Key + L will lock your windows session.

Don't enter your work email address into non-work related websites - this will reduce the likelihood of receiving SPAM (and keep your computer administrator very, very happy J)

Don't open attachments on emails unless you are SURE that the attachment is meant for you - if you don't recognise the sender, and you think the attachment may be legitimate, send the email through to, and we will check it for you and sent it right back.

Choose a password that contains at least one letter and one number, passwords are best when over 8 characters long.

Frequently save your work, although computers generally automatically save in background, data loss is frequent when power outages strike.

Don't click "Yes" or "Exit" on internet pop-up pages, always use the red x at the top of the window to close these, as sometimes the buttons on these pop-ups have links in behind them to download spyware or viruses.







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